Friday, March 26, 2010

What I´ve won # 4 - Yummies Tote from Bored Inc by TIGERLILY´S BOOK

First of all, THANK YOU TIGERLILY´S BOOK!!! Please if you haven´t already, go visit this blog, it features amazingly cute giveaways and I can assure you, YOU CAN WIN! The reviews over there are very interesting to read and the giveaways are most of the time INTERNATIONAL so what are you waiting for?

Tigerlily's Book

Anyway let´s talk about the price I got, I recieved a lovely hand written package a few days ago, it was the price I GOT TO CHOOSE from all the cuteness available in Bored Inc. website. My particular choice was the Yummies Tote:

This photo is taken from their website but I PROMISE to put up my own here soon, the blury one is mine. Anyway, the tote has a lovely fabric, I love all things kawaii so what can I say... when I spotted this fabric it was love at first sight!!!

Check out some other lovely goodies that were in my mind when choosing:

As you can see there´s a lot to choose from over there, and yes, I´m the proof that they ship international and it arrives safe and sound, I do hope you give Bored Inc. a try... there´s nothing boring about them!

And a BIG THANK YOU again to TIGERLILY´S BOOK go follow her who knows... you could be the next winner!!!

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