Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I´ve won # 5 - Cards & badges from HMC Designs via Furious Shirley

Ok let´s talk cute... take a look at what I recieved by participating in the blog Furious Shirley ...

(all printed on 100% recycled stock)

(over 100 designs to choose from!)

Everything is so cute!!! This pictures don´t do justice to the cards and buttons... you must check the Shop to discovery all the wonderful products over there, and again, they ship internationally as you can see I got my products all right and I love them! They will be turned into decor for my girls´ room.
Hope you visit http://www.hmcdesigns.com.au/ soon!

And again, the fabulous blog where I was able to get all this is http://furiousshirley.com/blog/

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