Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I´ve won # 6 - Ribbons from The Dizzy Daizy Quilt Shoppe blog Dandy Giveaway

I love crafts, I´m very much into paper ones and love to do stuff with my girls, and lately I´ve discovered felt and sewing, and now I have to figure out what I´m going to do with the lovely selection of ribbons I got from The Dizzy Daizy Quilt Shoppe I don´t know about you but I have never seen this detail in ribbons before:

You can´t say there´s not a choice for everyone in the family, check the whole ribbon section
There´s also Fabric, patterns and books, deco tapes and more, can I have it all please?

Anyway, just wanted to shout about this because I love the ribbons so much and I´m very happy they made it safe all the way down here, and I got a lot of them:

Not only that, but they came with the loveliest kokieshi dolls card:

Thank you!!!!

And thank you too!!!

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