Sunday, April 18, 2010

What I´ve won # 7 - Glitter and Shine Lego Crayons by Gaddy Nipper Crayons

My favourite stuff is the one that my girls can enjoy, so when I found out I had won this giveaway I couldn´t wait to recieve my crayons... I mean this people make the coolest crayons ever!!! Look:

And my own:

As you can see they made a very good first impression at home:

They are full of glitter!!! And we use them as legos also, to build walls and all, so yes, we are loving them, and another thing I´ve learned from them that is very very important is that they are made with the best Crayola crayons out there, so you can´t go wrong with them... it´s Crayola with a fun twist!!!
There´s an option for everyone at GaddyNipperCrayons' Shop so be sure to check them out for your party needs.

Twitter: @GaddyNipper

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