Saturday, April 24, 2010

What I´ve won # 9 - Cakes and Kids cupcake toppers - On The Search For Hidden Treasure blog

I love love love browsing party planning blogs and shops, most of the stuff over there can´t be found here so you have to be crafty crafty if you want your kids party to look like those ones over the internet. One thing that has become particulary popular lately are CUPCAKES, yes, they have arrived late to south America so we are just taking our first steps with them... you can find amazing looking cupcakes here but I have never seen before down here cupcake toppers, so when I spotted this particular giveaway @ On The Search For Hidden Treasure I was quick to sign up and got very lucky!! I got to choose the cupcake toppers of my choice, and there was a lot to choose from, take a look:

And my personal choice:

Princess Shoes got them in PINK and we love them!!!
Can´t wait to have the girls´ birthday so we can use them!

They came safely wrapped and arrived in perfect conditions, ready to use with lovely explanation of the elaboration material and the how-to´s I would without a doubt order this again for any party that I have because they are beautiful and as I said before, impossible to find around here.

Hope you like them too, please visit Cakes and Kids here to discover all the toppers they offer, a lot lot lot more than pictured here.

And if you want to sign up for amazing OPEN TO ALL giveaways go visit Sarah @ On The Search For Hidden Treasure her blog is full of interesting content, adoption, kids etc, I strongly recommend it.




You two rock!!!

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