Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Won: Hamsa Bracelet by Sigalit Alcalai - On Paper in Style

I love love love this one, I´ve been wearing it ever since I recieved it, I always wanted to have a Hamsa item, but most of them look kind of cheap and I don´t like that.
In the words of the creator herself, this bracelet is ""... made of a Deep red\wine red leather, sterling silver hamsa and resin in shade of Deep red\wine red and dot of ocher, In the middle of the hand there is a Swarovski crystal...", in my words it´s just amazing and beautiful!

When I saw this item I loved it on sight, as always Paper in Style features wonderful artisans from all over the world and this was no exception.
Sigalit makes necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and beads. All of them are individually handcrafted. You can check her Etsy shop here SIGALIT ALCALAI

This are my own pictures on the bracelet

I´m sure by now you want to go to her Etsy shop and get your own Hamsa Bracelet! So here´s the link again:

And don´t forget to follow Paper in Style for amazing paper items and also to know about wonderful artisans out there:

Thank you Paper in Style for the chance and thank you Sigalit for such a wonderful bracelet!!!


Sigalit said...

Hola Patricia
Muchas gracias!
I am happy to know that you like it,
Great to see it posted in your blog!
*•-:¦:-*Absolutely Wonderful*•-:¦:-* Thank You*•-:¦:-*

schickimickis said...

Beautiful Blog,
and I do love Sigalit's shop.
you are a lucky winner :)

Patricia said...

Thank you schickimickis!!!

I love my bracelet and all in her shop is just amazing!

Efi Warsh said...

I am a big fan of Sigalit's work. Her selections of style are amazing.
Congrats. for winning...

Patricia said...

Thanks Efi!!! I believe her creations are unique as well!