Thursday, July 22, 2010

Won - My Lip Stuff Natural Lip Balm - @ Mom’s Focus on Cyber World

I was very happy when I found out I won a My Lip Sutff six pack (well it was a three pack but lucky me I got six of them! Thanks to the MLS generousity) mainly because of the ammount of flavors there are to choose from (over 500 amazing options) when the moment to choose came, I had to take my time because I couldn´t narrow it down to 3 flavors. I didn´t know I was going to like the product so much, not only they taste very good (believe me if you are on a diet, they are like bubble gum... the distract you from eating because of that taste on your lips, and guilt-free!) but also because they really feel better than butter, it slides like nothing on your lips and you can use it over and over again, I have two or three everyday in my purse and I love the surprise factor to just grab one and put it on... we are having a very very cold winter down here so you can only imagine how handy these came to me.
If all of this info didn´t sound cool enough, let me also tell you that their products are skin, earth, and animal friendly, in their own words "we NEVER test our products on animals and use only the finest ingredients that are skin safe and environmentally friendly". Trust me, it shows when you use them.

I would for sure purchase from My Lip Stuff, I think this lip balms are perfect as souvenirs, businness promotions etc and the labels can be customized for your event too!!!

Also I´m very happy that the balms came in perfect condition and very fast.

They also have other products, such as (these are just some favourites I spotted)

Body Butter Stick

My Smelly Stuff Linen Sprays

Do take the time to visit their online store HERE it´s amazing the wide range of options you´ll find.

And a special Thanks to the blog that hosted this fantastic giveaway and has more and more of them posted daily:

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