Friday, January 28, 2011

Won - Lunch Punch kits

Ok so I´m way behind with the things I´ve won lately, life gets in the way when it comes to blogging right? I´m going to try to update this section soon, but because I´ve been using these ones so much lately and my daughters just can´t get enough of them, it´s only fair I tell you how lucky I feel to have this two Lunch Punch kits at home:

First since I have two girls this is the one I wanted so bad (and have it now!)

Sand*wishes*™ whimsical shapes set

And for my surprise I also won this one that I thought I wouldn´t be using that much but guess what... my girls love it too!!!

The VrrRRMM!!™

They´ve been all over the internet but just in case you are a martian and haven´t heard from them before, they are sandwich cutters created by a mom if you are a mom (or a dad) you for sure have a picky eater, well this lovelies can help you solve that problem for a lot of situations, you can read their story and all about them at their web page THE LUNCH PUNCH and I might add since I had contact with them that their customer service is really good, the kits arrived safely and before the supposed date and also and VERY IMPORTANT, that they really really work. I have to use three slices of bread instead of two because for some reason this kind of bread over here is thin and small but with three of them it works pefect and my girls eat more!

Anyway, you can join them on Facebook where you can see customer pictures, (this are awesome for bento making!) and know about new kits as the come, giveaways out there etc.

Thank you so much THE LUNCH PUNCH! I can´t wait to see what you come up with next!!!

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